Christine Hotchkiss

Time does not heal all, but it has a value that is not replaceable…
My name is Christine, I am an active community leader, volunteer, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Certified Professional Life Coach and the founder of Remember Me Always a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. I believe we all have a story that is life changing. My life changing story is the passing of my 17-year-old daughter Nicole Marie, whom in spirit is always reminding me how much a mother’s love can never be a broken bond but an unconditional love forever. My story has been shared in a handful of publications and my walk of life is displayed through my actions of finding ways to help those who have lost a loved one. I inspire Hope in the broken hearted and I provide “in the moment” necessities through my non-profit with, but not limited to urns, wakes, keepsakes, memorial trees, medallions, headstones and anything associated with the proper remembrance and Celebration of Life of a loved one who has passed. My Faith is strong and so is my passion to help ease the temporary pain associated with a loved one’s passing. Time does not heal all, but it has a definite value that is not replaceable, and with it we can learn a different way of living with grief and celebrate the time we had with those we loved and are no longer here.

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